First international incubator for the emergence and professionalization of female rappers, supported by the European Union's Creative Europe program, She Raps, announces the opening of its call for applications on May 21st 2024!

You are a female rapper, living in France, Belgium, Portugal or in the Balkans region? This program is made for you!

While rap music is the most-listened-to music genre, especially among young people, it is mainly represented by men.
By relying on a network of professional, institutional and media partners, all highly committed, She Raps will allow young European artists to benefit from the tools, the music network and media coverage that are necessera to accelerate their careers.

On the agenda:

– training program with artistic & business subjects

– masterclasses and meetings with professionals

– concerts

– the opportunity to record an international title and engage in a European tour!

She Raps is an offshoot of Paris-based incubator Rappeuses en Liberté, launched in 2021 by Rafe Productions. The program has trained more that 30 female rappers so far, several of whom have now started a career in rap music.

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May 2024 :

Launch of the local call for applications

June 2024 :

Selection of the finalists by local juries of professionals in each countries (10 artists in France & Belgium, 10 artists in Portugal, 8 artists in the Balkans region).

July - October 2024 :

Local training for the finalists: vocal and stage coaching, writing classes, professional structuration, mediatisation…

October 2024 :

Announcement of the laureates who will join the European program: 3 artists from France, 2 artists from Belgium, 3 artists from Portugal and 2 from the Balkans region.

February 2025 :

Creative session in Croatia for the 10 laureates & recording of a collectif and multi-language song

June 2025 :

Stage residency in Belgium for the 10 artists

July - September 2025 :

European tour with 4 concerts for the 10 laureates: in Belgium (at the Reflektor and at Les Ardentes), in Portugal and in France.

Partner organizations

Rafe Productions, France

Rafe Productions has in its DNA the creation of original programs at the intersection of Entertainment and key societal issues. The common denominator of these programs is the ability to reach and engage a young audience through cultural initiatives that directly involve them. In addition to “Rappeuses en Liberté,” Rafe Productions created the digital charity event “Play For Good,” at the intersection of music and video games, working for digital inclusion during the Covid period, in partnership with Emmaus Connect. The company created a platform for self-producing artists hosted by and is currently developing a digital service to democratize access to personalized career guidance for all artists. It also produces web series about rap (“Rappeuses!”, “Beatmakers”, “Clipmakers”), and brings together comprehensive expertise in the design, organization, and promotion of ambitious projects (e.g., “The Game Shakers Awards”).

Skoola, Portugal

Skoola is a music academy that employs a methodology of non-formal education to teach music to a group of young people aged 10 to 18 from all social and economic backgrounds. Students appreciate these activities as a space for the convergence of different cultures and preferences, ensuring inclusion and representation of all participants, and being mindful of how these factors contribute to enhancing their aesthetic and musical vocabulary.

Blackout Hip-Hop, Croatia

Blackout Hip-Hop is both a young association but also the brand active for nearly 30 years. Founded by Phat Phillie & Dj Frx, Blackout is known for many of its activities in the hip-hop scene. It represents the oldest hip-hop hub in Croatia and the Balkans. It started as a radio show in Zagreb in 1993 and has since organized over 200 shows featuring American artists (such as 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Redman, De La Soul, DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff…), as well as British, French, German, Serbian, and Bosnian artists in Zagreb and across Croatia. MTV Adria and Red Bull filmed a documentary called “Stani Na Put” about the Blackout organization in 2015.

Les Ardentes, Belgium

Created in 2006, Les Ardentes (in Liège) has become an essential festival in Belgium and Europe. Since 2015, the festival’s lineup has been focused on rap and hip-hop – it is now entirely dedicated to it and welcomes 210,000 festival-goers, 135 artists, and DJs over 4 days. The festival has seen its appeal to an international audience grow, positioning itself in the top 5 European festivals of urban music, with 42% of the audience coming from France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Germany.

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