Competition rules

Article 1- Organizing companies

The She Raps Contest is organized by a consortium of companies or
associations led by Rafe Productions (France, based at 23 rue Boyer 75020
Paris, registered with the Paris RCS under number 812 623 213) and
including Les Ardentes (Belgium, FESTIVLIEGE ASBL, based at
BOULEVARD DE LA SAUVENIERE 118, 4000, LIEGE, BE), Skoola (Portugal,
DA INDIA 52, 1300-299, LISBOA, PT) and Blackout Hiphop (Croatia, UDRUGA
BLACKOUT HIP HOP based at DIVKA BUDAKA 12, 10000, Zagreb, HR),
collectively referred to as ‘The Organizing company’ in this document. Each
partnering entity is individually responsible for the proper execution of the
actions described below in its country and in relation to the contestants,
finalists, and winners from its region.

Article 2 – Participating conditions

Participating in the Competition is free. The possible reimbursement terms
are set out in Article 8 of these Regulations.

The Contest is open to any individual – aspiring artists, amateurs, those in
development or at the beginning stages of professionalization – who are
eager to evolve in the rap music scene (hereinafter referred to as “the
Candidate”), provided that:

  • –  The Candidate is of legal age;

  • –  The Candidate is or identifies as female or as a gender minority;

  • –  The Candidate lives in France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, or Belgium

    for participating in the French & Belgium program, in Portugal for
    the Portuguese program and in the Balkan region for the Croatian
    program, and the Candidate must be able to perform all or part of
    the requirements (both written and oral), in her native language as
    part of the Contest, as it aims to support visibility in the European

    The Organizing Company reserves the right to verify that the Candidates
    meet the conditions outlined above. In particular, each Candidate will be
    required to provide evidence of being of legal age at the time of
    registration for the Contest.

    The artistic projects in groups are accepted, provided the group is
    predominantly composed of women or individuals who identify as such or
    as a gender minority. As the Organizing Society cannot guarantee the

participation of all group members in the Contest, one woman or
individual who identifies as such or as a gender minority from the group
will be designated to represent it.

Article 3 – Agreeing to the Regulations

Participating in the Contest implies the Candidates completely agreeing,
without any reservation, to this Regulations. Any practical difficulties in the
application or interpretation of this document will be resolved solely by the
Organizing Company.

The Regulation of the operations is available to everyone and freely on the
following website:

Article 4 – Terms of participation

Article 4.1 – Dates and steps

The Contest is divided into six (6) phases.

The dates and steps of the Contest as defined in this Regulation are
provided for indicative purposes.

They may be subject to modifications at the discretion of the Organizing
Company for reasons deemed justified by the Organizing Company,
including but not limited to health-related circumstances or the
unavailability of a professional necessary for the smooth running of a
phase, without the Organizing Company being held responsible for such

1/ Call for Applications: The application file (hereinafter referred to as “the
File”) must be submitted between May 21, 2024, at 10:00 AM and June 12,
2024, at 11:59 PM on the website These dates
may be extended by the Organizing Company, which reserves the right to
modify any schedule outlined herein and will communicate such changes

2/ Preselection of Files: Following a process of reviewing the submitted
applications (as detailed in Article 4.4), the preselected Candidates must
confirm their applications with the Organizing Company after reviewing
and ratifying all contractual elements associated with the Contest, which
will be communicated by the Organizing Company during the
preselection period. Failure to ratify the aforementioned contractual

elements may result in rejection of the application dossier by the
Organizing Company.

3/ Announcing the finalists: end of June – beginning of July 2024

4/ Training sessions for the finalists: from July 2024 to September 2024
depending on the local calendars (see detailed calendar in article 5.1)

5/ Final day of the Contest: Concert in front of the jury members. The dates
will be announced by each project manager at the beginning of the
training session.

At the end of the concert, the jury will choose the laureates of She Raps

6/ European circulation for the laureates: between February 2025 and
September 2025 :

  • ●  A creative session in Croatia and the recording of a collective
    multi-lingual song with the other laureates in February 2025 or later

  • ●  A stage coaching in Belgium in June 2025

  • ●  A tour of at least 4 concerts in Europe between June and September

    2025: Belgium (Reflektor, Les Ardentes), Portugal and France.

    Article 4.2 – Application file

    The File of each Candidate must necessarily contain:

  • ●  A video of a freestyle or a music video of the Candidate (can be a previously written freestyle);

  • ●  A video in which the Candidate presents her universe and her

    reasons for participating (1min max);

  • ●  An original text (which can be the one used in the freestyle);

  • ●  A picture of the Candidate;

  • ●  A bio or musical resume;

  • ●  The social networks of the Candidate (facebook, X (twitter),

    instagram, youtube, soundcloud…),

  • ●  Other optional assets could be added (clip, recorded song…),

If applicable, the list of Collective Management Organizations (CMOs)
for intellectual property rights to which the Candidate is affiliated for
the works, performances, and recordings submitted in the
Application File.

The documents in the Candidate’s File may be used by the Organizing
Company, in accordance with Article 7.1 of these regulations.

Candidates who are preselected pursuant to Article 4.5.2 of these
Regulations must provide, signed by themselves, one (1) copy of the letter
of agreement referred to in Article 6 and Annex 2 of these Regulations.

For any issues regarding registration for the Contest, Candidates are
invited to contact the Organizing Company using the contact information
available on the Contest’s website, namely:

Article 4.3 – Candidates’ obligations
Article 4.3.1 Candidates’ obligations during the Contest
The Candidates solemnly commit to:

  • ●  Demonstrate sincerity and good faith in the preparation of their File;

  • ●  Read and unconditionally accept these Regulations;

  • ●  Read, agree with, and unconditionally adhere to the ethical charter(s)

    that may be provided to them, if applicable.

  • ●  Respect all ethical principles and courtesy towards individuals

    involved in the Contest – including but not limited to: the Organizing

    Company, partners, jury members, and other Candidates.

  • ●  Given the essence and purpose of the Contest, which aims to

    promote and showcase the Candidates through visibility on stage
    and recordings, the Candidates commit to being available and
    participating in all stages of the Contest – repeated absences which

may lead to their disqualification – in accordance with the indicative
dates mentioned in these Regulations and particularly according to
the modalities allowed by the health situation:

  • ○  The training sessions, masterclasses and meetings with

  • ○  The final concert in front of the jury and eventually an
    audience if the conditions and constraints, especially those
    related to health, permit it.

  • ○  The recording planned in the Contest (see dedicated

  • ○  All stages of the project provided for the laureates, in the
    event that they become laureates

  • ○  More generally, to the opportunities, meetings, concerts,
    and media appointments offered to the finalists and
    laureates throughout the Contest

    Grant the authorizations for the use of intellectual property rights
    detailed in Article 7 (exploitation of the Contest in the form of audio
    and audiovisual programs);
    Take into account the recommendations, particularly related to
    communication associated with the Contest in any way and on any
    platform, which will be provided by the Organizing Company to
    maximize the success of the Contest (for example, recommendations
    related to sharing created content, mentions and tags of the She
    Raps brand in social media posts where applicable, publishing
    content on their social media platforms where applicable…).

  • ●  Write and sing in their native language during the training program,
    the final concerts or any activity or show of the Contest;

  • ●  Not produce, whether in their File or during their performances
    throughout the competition, any elements including but not limited
    to freestyles/clips, texts, recordings, or samples protected by
    third-party intellectual property rights for which formal
    authorization, if required, has not been obtained. In such a case, the
    concerned element will not be taken into account for the relevant
    applications. In this regard, the Candidate guarantees the Organizing
    Company against any claims, complaints, or legal actions from third
    parties on these grounds and undertakes to indemnify the
    Organizing Company for any judgments rendered against it.

  • ●  Not to wear, during performances related to the Contest and in the
    clips of common titles, any visible clothing and/or shoe brands,
    except for possible partnering brands.

    Considering the essence and purpose of the Contest, if the Candidate fails,
    directly or indirectly, to adhere to any commitment arising from these
    Rules, the Candidate acknowledges that such violations would be wrongful
    and could result in her disqualification from the Contest, under the
    conditions outlined in Article 4.3.4.

    Article 4.3.2. Post-Contest particular obligations of She Raps’ laureates

    The Contest’s laureates commit for fourteen (14) months from the finalists’
    announcement to :

  • ●  Be available and participate in promoting the Contest when asked
    by the Organizing Company;

  • ●  Mention, according to mutually agreed-upon modalities, in any
    communication or statement that they are winners of the 2024

edition of the Contest and, as such, they benefit from support and

prizes in kind;

  • ●  Mention the brand She Raps, in accordance with the

    recommendations provided by the Organizing Company, and tag
    the Contest on social media for any action related to or induced by
    the Contest (for example, media presence, concerts, professional

  • ●  Continue to uphold the values promoted by the Contest;

  • ●  Provide, upon request from the Organizing Company, any

    information regarding the progress of their projects, for monitoring

    purposes by the Organizing Company

  • ●  The laureates commit to being available and participating in all

    stages of the fourteen (14)-month support program starting from the
    announcement of the results of the 2024 edition, including
    (non-exhaustive list):

    • ○  The creative and stage residencies

    • ○  The recording of a collective and multi-lingual title

    • ○  The concerts

    • ○  The media interviews suggested by She Raps and its partners

      Article 4.3.3 – Authorizations

      Subject to complying with the obligations set forth in Article 4.3, each
      Candidate authorizes the Organizing Company to publicly use, including
      by excerpts free of charge, the material from the File for promotional
      purposes (audio compilation, video clips, website, etc.), within the
      framework of audiovisual exploitation, worldwide and for an unlimited
      duration, at least for the duration of intellectual property protection.

This authorization is governed by the provisions of Article 7 “Audiovisual
Program”. The Candidate guarantees to the Organizing Company that they
have all necessary permissions for the use of the provided elements for
these exploitations. In this regard, the Candidate indemnifies the
Organizing Company against any claims, complaints, or legal actions from
third parties on these grounds and undertakes to indemnify the
Organizing Company for any judgments rendered against it.

In the event that the aforementioned elements are used for other
purposes, a prior authorization request will be made to the person(s)

Article 4.3.4 – Exclusion

In the event that a candidate, finalist, or laureate fails to comply with any of
the obligations herein, any of the aforementioned obligations, or
recommendations provided by the Organizing Company aimed at
maximizing the success of the Contest, at any time during the Contest, the
Organizing Company reserves the right to exclude them and to substitute
any other candidate, finalist, or laureate who would come after them in the
selection. The planned artist publicity and any unrewarded gains to them
will then be canceled.

Article 4.4. Selection
Article 4.4.1 – Definition of selection criteria
At each step of the Contest, selection criteria will mainly be the following:

  • ●  Video quality;

  • ●  Interpretation quality;

  • ●  Performance quality and originality;

  • ●  Voice;

  • ●  Stage presence;

  • ●  Rhythmic accuracy;

  • ●  The will and determination of the Candidate;

  • ●  The Candidate’s charisma;

  • ●  The artist’s work on her image;

Consistency in participating in the stages of the Contest as outlined
in Article 4.1 of these Regulations.

At each step, the jury’s decision is final and without appeal.

Article 4.4.2 – Preselection

After reviewing the Files, the Organizing Company will proceed with a
preselection, indicating approximately thirty (30) to sixty (60) Files based
on the criteria defined in Article 4.4.1.

Preselection is subject to the signing of the letter of agreement referred to
in Annex 2 and to the acknowledgment and ratification of all contractual
documents that may be communicated by the Organizing Company to
the preselected candidates.

Article 4.4.3 – Selection of the Finalists

The preselected Files will then be presented to a jury composed of music

In the event that a jury member has a personal or professional connection
with a candidate, they must disclose it to the Organizing Company and the
other jury members before any discussion or vote, for the sake of

The Organizing Company reserves the right to be a member of this jury,
either as a moderator or as a jury member.

The jury will review all preselected Files and designate, through a vote
(counted on the expressed votes), a maximum of ten (10) finalists based on
the criteria defined in Article 4.4.1.

In case of a tie, the vote of the president of the jury president – or, if
applicable, the moderator – shall prevail.

Article 4.4.4 – Selection of the Laureates

The finalists will participate in the final concert in front of an audience and
the jury, consisting of the preselection jury and possibly the sponsor(s)
and/or mentor(s) of the Contest. The jury members will designate a
maximum of three (3) laureates for the French program, two (2) laureates

for the Belgium program, three (3) Portuguese program, and two (2)
laureates for the Croatian program through a vote (counted on the
expressed votes) based on the criteria defined in Article 4.4.1.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to be a member of the jury,
either as a moderator or as a jury member.

The method of selecting the laureates may be modified by addition in the
event that a public vote is organized in addition to the jury vote.

In case of a tie, the vote of the jury president – or, if applicable, the
moderator – shall prevail.

Article 5 – Awards

The Contest consists of the following awards, depending on whether the
Candidates reach the rank of (
i) finalists or (ii) laureates.

The list of awards is provided as an indication, as in the event of
unavailability of the initially planned and presented award, the Organizing
Company will be free to substitute it with an award of similar value at the
Organizing Company’s discretion, without the Organizing Company being
held responsible for this.

The estimated value of the prizes is indicative as it is based on the
declarations of the partners only. As an indication, the finalists designated
at the end of the 2024 edition of the Contest will notably be entitled to:

  • ●  10 to 12 days of training sessions

  • ●  Meetings and masterclasses with professionals

  • ●  Participation in the final concert of the Contest;

    In addition to the aforementioned prizes awarded to the finalists, the
    laureates designated at the end of the 2024 edition of the Contest may
    benefit from comprehensive support including:

  • ●  A 2-day creative residency in Croatia

  • ●  The recording of a collective and multi-lingual song with the

    laureates from other programs of She Raps;

  • ●  A 2-day stage residency in Belgium;

A European tour of 4 shows minimum in Belgium (planned at the
Reflektor venue and at Les Ardentes festival), Portugal and France.

Other opportunities for meetings and projects may be proposed
additionally. Indeed, the Organizing Company is still negotiating with its
partners. Some awards may therefore be added later by the Organizing

Given the nature of some prizes involving the exploitation of the
beneficiary’s image and/or intellectual property rights, specific contracts to
define the relationships between the involved parties may be necessary
and must be signed between the beneficiary, the Organizing Company,
and/or its partners, if applicable. These prizes should be understood as the
opportunity for such a contract. These contracts will be subject to good
faith negotiation between the parties, and it is already specified that the
Organizing Company will not require exclusivity. In the absence of an
agreement between the Parties, the prize is considered delivered, and the
Organizing Company is released from its obligations.

Article 5.1 – Training sessions

The finalists will benefit from 10 to 12 days of professional training, as
stipulated in Article 5, aimed at enabling them, on the one hand, to
progress artistically and professionally, and, on the other hand, to prepare
as best as possible for the final concerts.

Before the start of the workshops, a meeting will be held by the
educational partner of the Organizing Company to determine the actual
needs of the finalists. The principle initially adopted is to offer workshops in
French writing, stage performance, voice, and professional structuring.

Participation in the training workshops, which will take place in Paris or the
Paris region for the French and Belgium program, in Lisboa for the
Portuguese program and in Zagreb for the Croatian program, is mandatory
for all finalists.

Indicative dates (planned at the time of drafting this Regulation, subject to
change depending on the health context / organizational needs):

For French and Belgium finalists: from July 9 to July 20 2024 and
from September 2 to October 16 2024;

  • ●  For Portuguese finalists: from July 22 to July 26 2024 and from
    September 2 to September 6 2024;

  • ●  For finalists from the Balkans region: from July 3 to July 12 2024.

    Article 5.2 – Recording

    As an additional award, in accordance with the candidate selection process
    outlined in Article 4.1, each finalist acknowledges being informed and

  • ●  That a recording of a multi-language collective track with the French,
    Belgian, Portuguese, and Balkan laureates as part of the She Raps
    project may be scheduled. If applicable, they will be recorded under
    a collective name related to She Raps (e.g., She Raps 2024) or
    Rappeuses en Liberté. The tracks and clips will be produced by the
    Organizing Company. Each Finalist and Laureate will receive a fee for
    the studio recording and a proportional remuneration based on the
    exploitation results, to be shared with the other participants in the

  • ●  For the purpose of recording and broadcasting the joint tracks, on
    any medium, worldwide, and for the entire duration of the related
    intellectual property rights, each participant agrees to negotiate in
    good faith the entire contractual framework allowing for the
    recording and exploitation of the joint tracks by the Organizing
    Company, without prejudice to any commitments to collective
    management societies of intellectual property rights.

    Participation in the studio recordings, which will take place in Croatia for
    the international track, is mandatory for all laureates.

Article 5.3 – Laureates’ concerts

The laureates commit to participating in the stage residency organized in
Belgium and in a European tour comprising a minimum of four (4)
concerts: in Belgium (Reflektor and Les Ardentes), Portugal, and France.

Several venues have already expressed interest in hosting the lineup, in a
format to be determined. Therefore, upon registration for the Contest, each
Candidate acknowledges being aware of the uncertain nature of this
additional prize and waives any action if this prize were ultimately not

Article 6 – Discretion and confidentiality obligation

Participation in the Contest is contingent upon each Candidate’s
commitment to honor a strict obligation of discretion and confidentiality
regarding the internal functioning of the Contest as well as any
information they may access concerning the Organizing Company and
other candidates.

The Candidate expressly agrees not to disclose to any third party and on
any medium any Confidential Information they may become aware of due
to their participation in the Contest and commits to using the necessary
precautions to ensure that no third party can access the Confidential
Information. Confidential Information is understood as any information or
data not officially disclosed or validated by the Organizing Company for
disclosure, without territorial limitation, and for a duration expiring five (5)
years after the end of the Contest.

Article 7 – Transfer of rights

Article 7.1 – Use of the Application Files

Given the purposes of the competition, each candidate authorizes the
Organizing Company to publicly use the contents of their File for the
purpose of promoting the 2024 edition of the Competition. This
authorization covers all copyright (including texts, compositions, graphic
and audiovisual works), neighboring rights of the producer (recordings),
and neighboring rights of the performing artist (performance), without
prejudice to the intellectual property rights placed under exclusive
mandate with a Collective Management Organization. When this is the
case, the Candidate indicates it upon submission of the Application File.

The authorization is granted for exploitation worldwide, including on the
Internet, from the submission of the Application File and for a duration
equivalent to the duration of protection of each of the intellectual property
rights. This authorization includes:

  • ●  The right to reproduce or have reproduced, in whole or in part, on
    any visual, audio, or audiovisual medium.

  • ●  The right to perform or have performed, in whole or in part, by any
    means of current or future dissemination and communication,
    including radio, television, and any online telecommunication
    network (web, social networks), or by any similar method, or during
    public performances.

  • ●  The right to adapt or have adapted the content, in whole or in part,
    and possibly by separating the sound and image or presenting the
    text separately, according to technical constraints and/or for the
    purpose of optimizing its exploitation, including by cuts, remixing
    and reformatting, or editing different applications into compilations.

    If the aforementioned elements are used for other purposes, prior
    authorization will be requested from the person(s) concerned.

    The Candidate warrants to the Organizing Company that they have all the
    rights or authorizations necessary for the exploitation of the contents of
    the Application File for these uses. In this regard, the Candidate
    indemnifies the Organizing Company against any claims, complaints, or
    legal actions by third parties on these grounds and undertakes to
    indemnify the Organizing Company for any convictions imposed on it.

    Article 7.2 – Use of Performances of Finalists and Laureates

    Following their selection, the Finalists and Laureates participate in events,
    meetings, training workshops, recordings and give public performances.
    They may be recorded and/or filmed on these occasions. Due to the
    purpose of the competition, the Finalists and Laureates authorize the
    Organizing Company to use these recordings. Candidates preselected to

become Finalists will be asked to confirm their authorization by signing
the attached agreement letter in the annex. In the absence of
authorization, the candidate cannot be selected as a Finalist.

The conditions of exploitation of the common titles of the Finalists and
Laureates will be the subject of specific contracts negotiated in good faith
between the parties involved, in accordance with the terms set out in
Article 5.4 above.

Article 7.3 – Moral rights

According to the inalienable provisions of the Intellectual Property Code,
authors and performing artists retain their moral rights, including their
right to attribution.

Article 7.4 – Image rights

From the moment they submit their application file and for the purpose of
exploiting these contents in accordance with Article 7.1 above, the
candidates authorize the Organizing Company to reproduce and
communicate to the public, their names and/or pseudonyms, as well as
their image or any other characteristic element of their personality
included in the application files.

This authorization is granted for the entire world, from the submission of
the application file and for a duration of 5 years.

Article 8 – Audiovisual program

The Contest aims to generate various audiovisual exploitations for the web,
social media, television, or radio.

The form of these exploitations can be diverse and cumulative:
broadcasting all or part of the freestyles and images provided by the
Candidates in the File or during the preselection process, broadcasting the
final concerts live and/or recorded, web series, documentaries, talent show
programs, etc. – without the Organizing Company making any
commitment or obligation to broadcast.

In particular, by their mere participation, Candidates accept and
authorize, for the benefit of the Organizing Company and/or any

other natural or legal person to which it would delegate or transfer
the benefit of these terms, on a non-exclusive and free basis,
worldwide, and for the entire legal duration of intellectual property
rights, without limitation in number, in whole or in part, with the use
of images and sounds together or separately, to capture
performances and recordings, to reproduce, represent,
communicate to the public, the right to sell or rent, remix/reframe,
adapt, as well as the separate use of sound and image, or use with
other images, without limitation of territory or duration.

For the promotion of the Contest, all rights under copyright and
neighboring rights are authorized under the conditions set out in the
letter-agreement referred to in Annex 2 and for the destinations and
exploitations defined in Annex 1, without limitation of territory or duration
and at least for the entire duration of protection by neighboring rights.

For the proper exploitation of the aforementioned points, Candidates
accept that all rights granted herein as well as the exploitations envisaged
by the Organizing Company, notably on new communication media (such
as mobile phones, PDAs, and/or others, etc.) may require, among other
things, cutting, editing, reformatting, and/or reframing of videos as well as
other modifications necessitated, notably, by technical and/or geographical

Article 9 – Free entry to the competition

The submission of a dossier to participate in the Contest is free, as well as
participation in all stages of the Contest described in Article 4.1 of this

Sending the File via the website <> is
done on a free or flat-rate basis (such as cable connection, ADSL, or
specialized connection) and cannot be refunded since the subscription to
the services of the access provider is contracted for the account of the
Internet user and for their general Internet usage.

Other Internet or local communication connections for participating in the
Contest or for online consultation of the Regulations will be reimbursed
based on a flat rate of 0.20 euros, upon presentation of corresponding
receipts upon written request by any Candidate to the postal address of
the Organizing Company as specified in Article 1 of this Regulation.

The refund request must be made on plain paper to the aforementioned
postal address, indicating the candidate’s name, first name, personal postal
address, accompanied by the detailed internet invoice or telephone
operator corresponding to the date and time of participation to allow for
verification, along with an RIB (bank account details). Upon a simple
written request, the candidate may claim a refund for the postage
necessary to send their refund request for an economical postage stamp in
force (> 20 g). Only one refund will be made per participation, even if the
participation includes a group of several candidates.

The refund request must be sent no later than thirty (30) days, with the
postmark serving as proof, from (i) the submission of the application; (ii) or
the results of the preselection; (iii) or the results of the final round.

Any incomplete, illegible request, or sent to a different address than the
one mentioned above, or dispatched after the deadline, will not be

All other expenses and personal charges related to participation in all
stages of the Contest are the responsibility of the Candidates.

Refunds will be made within a reasonable time following the date of
receipt of the refund request. Refunds will be made by bank transfer after
verification of the validity of the requests, including the compliance of the
information contained in the refund requests with the information
recorded in the Application.

Finally, the Organizing Company does its best to enable everyone to
participate without conditions of resources and seeks to implement
transportation and accommodation facilities. To this end, the Organizing
Company will advance justified expenses (transportation and housing)
upon request of each selected Finalist who needs to travel for the
competition, if she resides outside Lisboa for the Portuguese program and
Zagreb for the Croatian Program.

The maximum reimbursement for each Candidate must be within the
limit of €636 for the Portuguese program and €465 for the Croatian

The Belgian artists following the training in France will see their expenses
covered within the maximum budget of €1000.

Article 10 – Personal data

For the purposes of the Contest and in accordance with the provisions of
Regulation 2016/679/EU of April 27, 2016 on the protection of personal data
and Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, as amended, concerning information,
files, and freedoms, the personal data of the Candidates are collected by
the Organizing Company: title, last name, first name, email, full postal
address, telephone number, photograph, voice or image.

The Organizing Company, as the data controller, collects and processes
this data solely for the purpose of carrying out the Contest, including (i)
considering the participation of the applications when submitting the
Applications; (ii) evaluating and selecting applications; (iii) promoting the
Contest and the laureates.

The data is processed and stored for a period of five (5) years in paper
and/or electronic form, under the responsibility of the Organizing
Company, which will take all necessary measures to ensure their security
through appropriate organizational techniques.

Personal data may therefore be communicated to partners.

Candidates have, at any time, the right to access, rectify, object to, erase, or
limit the processing of their personal data.

To exercise their rights, Candidates must send an email to the following
address:, or a letter to the following address:
Rafe Productions, 23 rue Boyer, 75020 Paris.

Candidates are also informed of the possibility of lodging a complaint with
the competent data protection authority, in France, the National
Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL).

Article 11 – Responsibility

The Organizing Company does not undertake any obligation towards the
Candidates to select them for the Contest or to produce, realize, and/or

broadcast the Contest, in whole or in part, under any circumstances, and
therefore cannot be held accountable in this regard, notably:

The Organizing Company shall not be liable in the event of:

  • ●  Any event presenting the characteristics of force majeure ;

  • ●  Any change in health regulations and in particular the fight against

    the Covid-19 pandemic;

  • ●  Any act of a third party and/or fault of a natural person registering for

    the Competition causing harm to a third party or to themselves;

  • ●  Any action by a natural person registering for the Competition in

    contradiction with the rules contained herein and any amendments
    thereto and/or disrupting the smooth running and/or integrity of the

  • ●  Any technical, logistical and/or material failure;

  • ●  Any damage caused to computer equipment or data;

  • ●  Any act of a third party or fraud whoever the author is;

  • ●  Each natural person registering for the Competition must ensure,

    before participating in the Competition, that this participation does
    not contravene or prejudice the rights of third parties. In this regard,
    everyone will assume all the consequences of their choices and

  • ●  The Organizing Company does not guarantee that the Competition
    operates without interruption, failure, malfunction, or loss of data,
    nor in the absence of computer or other errors, nor that the defects
    noted will be corrected, which natural persons registering in the
    Competition expressly acknowledge.

The mechanics of online registration via electronic communications
services imply recognition and full acceptance by the Candidates of
the characteristics and limits of the networks, and more broadly of
the electronic communications services, in particular, with regard to
technical performance, response times to consult, query, transmit or
transfer information, risks of interruption or malfunction of networks
or systems, risks linked to connection, problems linked to network
congestion or computer systems, the lack of protection of certain
data against possible misappropriation and the risks of
contamination by possible viruses circulating on the networks and
for which the Organizing Company cannot be held responsible.

The Organizing Company cannot be held responsible notably (i) if
individuals registering for the Contest fail to access the dedicated website
or transmit their video, or receive information after sending their video, or
receive incorrect or delayed information, or (ii) if the Organizing Company
receives inaccurate or incomplete information, or if data related to the
Contest, including videos, do not reach the Organizing Company or arrive
unreadable, impossible to process, delayed, or in case of technical
anomalies or others affecting the proper functioning of the Contest, and
related, notably but not limited to, network congestion, computer systems,
power outage, logical or material environment operating in the Contest.

The Organizing Company reserves the right, at any time, without notice
and without having to justify it, to interrupt the Contest, extend it, shorten
it, modify it, modify at any time the means to apply to the Contest, or
cancel it if the conditions seem to warrant it.

In this case, the Organizing Company’s liability cannot be engaged in any
way and Contest Candidates cannot claim any compensation of any kind.

Article 12 – Modification of Regulation

The Organizing Company reserves the right to modify this Regulation if
necessary, to make any decisions it may deem useful in the application

and interpretation of the Regulation without notice or obligation to justify
its decision, and without its liability being incurred thereby.

Amendments may be made to this Regulation.

In the event of a situation not foreseen in these terms, the Organizing
Company will alone decide on the decision to be made.

Article 13 – Disputes

This Regulation is subject to French, Portuguese, Croatian, Belgium and
European law.

In the event of persistent disagreement regarding the application or
interpretation of this Regulation, and failing an amicable agreement, any
dispute shall be submitted to the Judicial Court of the organizing
conglomerate’s partnering entity concerned, to which exclusive jurisdiction
is attributed. That is Paris Judicial court for Rafe Productions, Lisbon for
Skoola, Zagreb for Blackout Hip-hop and Liège for Les Ardentes.

Annex 1

  • ●  Television and radio broadcasting, both live and recorded, including

    digital and/or analog transmission, through all methods inherent to
    television and radio broadcasting that may be used together or
    separately, and through any means and/or processing of images
    and/or sound known or unknown to date, including radio waves,
    including, but not limited to, mobile television (DVB-H, T-DMB, etc.),
    cable, including through all telephone networks using, notably, XDSL
    technology, satellite, as well as through any electronic
    communications network similar to these.

  • ●  Non-linear exploitation within the framework of online public
    communication services and/or on-demand audiovisual media
    services (including replay, VOD, etc.), using any methods and means,
    whether free or paid, for all fixed or mobile receiving terminals,

known or unknown to date (download, streaming, free or paid, fixed

or mobile, I-mode, etc.).

  • ●  Exploitation via telematic and telephone services, including Audiotel,

    SMS, MMS, i-mode, mobile customization services (voice messages,
    logo downloads), WAP, etc., targeting all fixed and/or mobile
    terminals (including computers, mobile phones, mp3 and mp4 file
    players including Podcasts, PDAs, iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc.).

  • ●  Exploitation of photographs and more generally images from the
    videos in publications, notably within the scope of online public
    communication services and/or audiovisual media services on
    demand edited by the Company and/or by broadcasters and more
    generally on all media and in all works related to the Contest, on the
    Internet, etc.

  • ●  Exploitation in the form of videograms (DVD, DVD-HD, Blu-Ray, etc.);

  • ●  Exploitation for inclusion in web series, documentaries, talent show

    type programs;

  • ●  Exploitation by public representation in any market, festival,

    promotional event and generally in any public place;

  • ●  Use on all media, and in all formats, for the promotion of the

    Competition, but also the activities of the Organizing Company and
    its partners.

    Annexe 2 – Letter of agreement

    Available on demand